The mind is the most powerful thing that humans have. But little do most understand that it is also one of the most vulnerable. So, just like you know how important physical health is, there is a need to understand how important mental health is. Mental health is an expression that is used everyday, every hour, and every moment. So it might come to you as a surprise to know that the term “Mental Health” is often misunderstood by many.

Psychiatric Services

The World Health Organization states that mental health is about a state in which individuals can figure out their potential, cope with the ups and downs of life, and work productively to contribute to their community and the society. So it’s about what’s going well, and not about what isn’t going right.

Issues with mental health are nothing to be ashamed of. Even though many of you might be hesitant to opt for psychiatric treatment, yet, it’s essential that you understand that you should not take your mental health for granted. At our department of psychiatry, we understand the concerns that you have, and we ensure that your privacy is respected, and your deepest fears and problems are addressed with empathy and clinical excellence.

At Medisys, we assure you of psychiatric treatment that will elevate the way you live.

Department of Psychiatry

The study of mental health is clinically known as psychiatry. Psychiatry deals with the mind’s state that we often refer to as depression, anxiety conditions, being bipolar, other such problems, and most importantly psychiatry works towards the mind’s well-being.

The Department of Psychiatry at Medisys Hospitals comprises of highly qualified and experienced psychiatrists in Hyderabad. The department of psychiatry involves the following specialists for psychiatric treatments and procedures:

  • Clinical Psychologists – Clinical psychologists are trained to provide psychotherapy and conduct psychological assessments for the patients.
  • Neuropsychologists – Neuropsychologists are clinically trained to assess behavioural, cognitive, emotional and social performances of the patients.
  • Psychiatric Nurse – Psychiatric nurses assist the patients as specialists in the field of symptoms, crisis and therapy.
  • Psychiatrists – Psychiatrists are clinical specialists with a specialisation in treating mental disorders. They diagnose psychological conditions, prescribe psychiatric treatments and medications, conduct physical examinations.

Who are psychiatrists?

Psychiatrists are doctors who are trained in treating mental illnesses with a biomedical approach to mental health conditions including the use of various psychiatric treatments and drugs. They also undergo significant training to conduct psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy, apart from being clinically trained to prescribe any kind of psychiatric treatments and procedures.

Psychiatric Treatments offered at Medisys Hospitals:

  • Adolescence problems
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Suicidal tendencies or attempts
  • Alcohol addiction or other substance dependence
  • Marital counselling
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Problems of older adults
  • Coping with difficulties physical illness or disabilities
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