Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

The human body is designed to be mobile. So, if you happen to suffer from injuries like fractures and dislocations or have health conditions that restrict your movement, it could indeed be difficult. It’s in such times that physiotherapy treatment can be a great option.

Physiotherapy Treatment

What is physiotherapy treatment?

Physiotherapy treatment is the physical treatment of injuries, and damage caused due to certain health conditions through exercises massage and other treatments, apart from surgery and medications. Physiotherapy treatment can be helpful in treating a plethora of conditions along with reducing the recovery time after a variety of surgical procedures.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation work towards the repairing, healing and recovery for a wide range of health conditions and injuries. Physiotherapy treatment helps in relieving back and joint pains post delivery (for women), sudden injuries, long-term medical conditions such as asthma, and in or a sporting event. Physiotherapy treatment also prevents some of the possible complications that can occur in case the problem is severe.

Physiotherapy Department at Medisys Hospitals

The Physiotherapy Department at Medisys Hospitals combines exceptional skills of physiotherapists, who have years of experience in diagnosing and prescribing treatment techniques. Physiotherapists are trained to treat a variety of conditions seen in adults as well as in children, who have physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy. Physiotherapy treatment also helps in treating problems that develop in pregnant women, premature babies, people undergoing rehabilitation after a massive surgery, athletes who have injuries, the elderly who are suffering arthritic conditions, and people who’ve had surgery for heart diseases. Physiotherapy treatment strengthens the muscles and helps the joints function properly, maintain and restore physical strength, mobility and cognition with good results.

Physiotherapy treatment is also helpful for those who suffer acute and chronic arthritic conditions. These arthritic conditions have a high potential to scale up to the need for joint replacement surgeries after which physiotherapy exercises are the only way to gain back mobility, and to overcome pain.

The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at Medisys Hospitals is equipped with the best exercise facilities with which your physiotherapist guides you with specific exercises and the right ways to perform them for better and faster recovery after a surgeries. The most common surgeries after which you might have to consult a physiotherapist are:

  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Hairline fractures
  • Ligament tear treatment
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