Pediatrics & Pediatric Surgery

General Paediatrics (pediatrics) is a department which requires medical knowledge as well as way to understand children. Children are unable to communicate their health issues with clear symptoms. That’s the reason why it becomes essential for a paediatrician (pediatrician) to be able to communicate with the parents and to be able to understand symptoms instinctively.

Pediatrics Department

At Medisys, we understand how much your children mean to you, and our department of pediatrics (paediatrics) strives to ensure that we handle your little ones just the way you would handle them. We ensure that their bravery in undergoing different medical procedures is celebrated like heroics, and no unnecessary painful procedure is prescribed.

So, when your child is in discomfort or pain, let Medisys’ general pediatrics (pediatrics) department be your first choice to stop those tears rolling down your child’s cheeks. We understand that it gets quite uncomfortable to see your child in pain, but it’s all about how you handle them. That skill combined with compassion is what we, at Medisys Hospitals’ department of general paediatrics (pediatrics) bring together to treat your child.

What is General Paediatrics (pediatrics)?

Paediatrics (pediatrics) is the branch of medicine which deals with the medical care of infants, or very young, and adolescent children. Infants and children are delicate as compared to the stronger medication that is prescribed to an adult. Which is why, there needs to be a specialised department of general paediatrics (pediatrics) to diagnose and treat children. The treatments for children are much milder, as their internal systems is still under growth process until they reach puberty.

Paediatricians (pediatricians) are like parents

Paediatric (pediatric) doctors are not just doctors who treat your child. Their treatment protocol is much different compared to specialists who treat adults. They are trained to function like parents when a child is brought to them for a health evaluation. The general paediatrics (pediatrics) and neonatology department at Medisys features highly experienced paediatricians (pediatricians) in Hyderabad. They are well-qualified, skilled, and are known to be among the finest paediatricians (pediatricians) in Hyderabad.

Medisys Hospital also offers holistic healthcare services specially designed for children that starts at birth and continues to help them be happy and healthy all through the years of their growth and development.

(Pediatric) Paediatric Surgery

General Paediatric (pediatric) Surgery is a subspecialty under in the field of paediatrics (pediatrics), that deals with the surgical treatments performed on fetuses, infants, and young adolescents. A paediatric (pediatric) surgeon must be skilled in the following:

  • Four years of medical school
  • Should have practiced general surgery for at least five years
  • Two years of residency training in paediatric surgery

Department of General Paediatrics (pediatrics) – Medisys Hospitals, Hyderabad

The Department of General Paediatrics (pediatrics) at Medisys Hospitals has paediatricians (pediatricians) with many years of experience, powered with clinical skills that help in accurate diagnosis of your child’s condition. Our paediatric (pediatric) doctors also provide specialised treatments for children, leading to easy, and faster recovery. We guarantee excellent facilities, and stand out among many other general paediatric (pediatric) facilities in the city. Our team of child specialists are among the most reputed paediatricians (pediatricians) in Hyderabad. Our primary emphasis always lies in providing safe, and effective health care to your children.

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