Nutrition & Dietetics

You require nutrition to be able to perform your daily activities. Without nutrition, there will be no energy in you, and energy is what drives you in doing everything that you do. That’s one of the reasons why paying attention to your nutrition and diet is critical in keeping your health in good shape.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics – An Overview

The nutrition and dietetics department at Medisys Hospitals is designed to establish a good nutritional practice as an integral part of the healthcare that is provided to the patients at Medisys Hospitals. The department of nutrition and dietetics offers individualised dietary assessments to patients under medical care at Medisys Hospitals. Our team of nutritionists and dietitians ensure that all the patients receive optimum nutrition, especially those who are undergoing or recovering from various treatments.

Dietary intervention improves a patient’s tolerance for a variety of medical procedures along with enhancing the quality of the patient’s life. At Medisys Hospitals, apart from providing nutritional services to inpatients, we also offer the same services to outpatients. Our clinical nutritionists assess the nutrition levels of our patients, calculate individual requirements, design a diet plan and educate the patients and their families on health-promoting diets.

Services and facilities provided by the department of nutrition and dietetics at Medisys Hospitals

Inpatient Services for nutrition and dietetics:

Proper nutrition is the key factor in recovering from a surgery or illness. Our team of nutritionists and dietitians provide exemplary diet advice and nutrition care to the patients during their stay in the hospital, as well as after their discharge. At Medisys Hospitals, we have qualified dietitians who work with the medical team and provide information on nutrition care. The service staff offer patients a clinically designed menu which is provided by the hospital, and deliver meals to the bedside.

Outpatient Services for nutrition and dietetics:

The department of nutrition and dietetics at Medisys Hospitals provides outpatient nutrition and dietetics services through consultations with our clinical nutritionists and dietitians in the hospital’s campus. Our food and nutrition and dietetics experts provide the general public with the management of specific dietary requirements for a variety of treatments including cardiac care, pediatric and adult obesity, and diet for diabetes control. Our nutritionists also offer advice on diet planning and lifestyle maintenance for the patient’s benefit.

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