Sudden Cardiac Death: Why Does It Happen?

A sudden cardiac arrest is caused by the irregular obstruction of the heart function accompanied by breathing problems and loss of consciousness. The cardiac arrest symptoms are accompanied by heavy sweating and severe pain in the chest region.

If the cardiac arrest symptoms are not addressed at the right time in an emergent method; it may lead to a sudden cardiac death. Most of the cardiac arrests in India lead to death as the cardiac arrest symptoms are not understood by the person to whom it is happening. Most of the cardiac arrest symptoms are not sudden. They happen because of latent symptoms which have existed and been untreated for a long time.

Not many of the people might heed to the mild cardiac arrest symptoms, leading to sudden cardiac death.  

A Cardiac Arrest might not lead to death if they get it treated at the earliest stage. With immediate medical action or on administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) a person's life can be saved purely based on the observation of the cardiac arrest symptoms. 

Heart problems or heart issues, unfortunately, cannot be dealt with by the patients individually. Hence, it has to be dealt with by another person who is to closely monitor them. Sometimes, it often becomes difficult for a person who has a heart problem to be checked upon by others. Hence, one who works in an office will have to be very cautious in identifying the cardiac arrest systems. 

Symptoms Of Cardiac Arrest

  • Sudden Collapse

  • Low Pulse

  • Loss of consciousness 

There are certain symptoms which precede cardiac arrest symptoms. These Include:

  • Fatigue

  • Dizziness

  • Slight pain in the chest and the surrounding areas of the chest

  • Nausea

  • Severe Weakness

Causes Of Sudden Cardiac Deaths:


A sudden cardiac arrest is caused due to Arrhythmia. Arrhythmia is caused due to irregular heartbeat and this causes a fluctuation in the flow of blood. Due to which the ventricles receive electrical impulses and the heart does not function correctly. Usually, Arrhythmia does not cause much of an issue. But, it might cause the heart to stop suddenly, which is called cardiac arrest. Sometimes, it results in immediate death. But, a person can be saved in the following ways: 

  • Give CPR

  • Call for an ambulance on high priority

  • Use a Defibrillator

Pre- Existing Heart Conditions That May Lead To Sudden Cardiac Arrests:

Heart Attack: Sometimes heart attacks might lead to Cardiac Arrests. As heart attacks leave scars in the heart, the electrical problems might lead to irregularities in the heart and this eventually leads to heart attacks.

Coronary Heart Disease: In most of the cases the cardiac arrest symptoms followed by a cardiac arrest happens when people have existing conditions of the coronary heart disease. The disease is caused by clogged arteries, where there are deposits of Cholesterol. This makes the heart susceptible to a cardiac arrest.

 Valvular Heart Disease: This disease is by far considered as one of the worst pre-existing condition that can lead to the thickening of the heart muscle. Once the heart muscle becomes thick, there can be an aggravated risk of a cardiac arrest being caused. Hypertension and increased blood pressure are also sought to be one of the conditions, which act as a catalyst to heart attacks and cardiac arrest symptoms.

There are certain risk factors and one having an existing heart problem must be very disciplined with regards to the lifestyle that they lead: The risk factors include: 

      1. Smoking

      2. Cholesterol

      3. Diabetes

      4. Obesity

      5.Gastric Problems

      6. Alcohol Consumption

Medication For Cardiac Arrest

Unfortunately, there is no listed drug beyond the theoretical medication which has been useful and effective to cure one completely of the symptoms of cardiac arrest. Some of the medicines are commonly used are Amiodarone, Lignocaine, Atropin and Magnesium. 

It is advised by all Cardiologists to heart patients to lead a healthy lifestyle, without indulging in anything which could worsen the heart condition. One has to be extremely cautious in terms of the medication. It is believed by Cardiologists that the beginning of all heart-related ailments start with high blood pressure and eventually ends up on a disastrous note.

Be Safe! Get your heart checked today!

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