Gynaecology & Obstetrics

For women, gynaecological (gynecological) concerns are prime. Puberty, menstrual cycles, pregnancy and delivery are all a part of gynaecology. It’s essential that you pay attention to your gynaecological health, as it will have an overall impact on your health also. At Medisys, our well-equipped (gynecology) gynaecology department is where you can reach out to our experienced and highly-skilled gynaecologists, to help you take care of your gynaecological (gynecological) troubles.

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At Medisys, the (gynecology) gynaecology department offers advanced diagnosis and treatments for you and also provides the best services in case of surgical care and intervention for severe gynaecological (gynecological) health conditions.

Another wonder that women are associated with is giving birth to another life. Being a mother is like the second innings for every woman. You have a new role apart from the multiple roles that you play. So, the entire phase from the time you conceive, till the delivery, there will be a lot for you to experience, and at our gynaecology (gynecology) department, our gynaecologists (gynecologists) and other staff will be by your side, throughout.

The (gynecology) gynaecology department at Medisys Hospitals offers a structured birth plan for the entire period of nine months. Apart from (gynecologists) gynaecologists and obstetricians, you will also be monitored by other medical professionals who are trained to guide you through your pregnancy.

(Gynecology) Gynaecology Department and Obstetrics – The Difference

The (gynecology) gynaecology department mostly deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the reproductive health of women, right from the onset of puberty till menopause, and beyond. At Medisys, we have some of the most reputed (gynecologists) gynaecologists in Hyderabad, who provide surgical and non-surgical treatments for the reproductive organ disorders including cancers and tumours of the uterus, vagina, fallopian tubes ovaries and the cervix.

Obstetricians are trained to treat you through the entire course of pregnancy, including your diet, how to prepare yourself for the coming days of pregnancy, and the delivery. Obstetricians are almost like birth partners, who are medically trained to help in caring for the mother and the foetus till they enter the world. At out (gynecology) gynaecology department, you can be rest assured of the best treatments possible.

(Gynecology) Gynaecology Department – Medisys Hospitals

At Medisys Hospitals, the (Gynecology) Gynaecology Department provides a full scope of reliable services starting from annual preventive well woman checkups, to complex medical and surgical treatment and care for you before, during, and also post your reproductive years, including urogynaecology care. The (gynecology) gynaecology department at Medisys is well-equipped with the latest treatment and diagnostic technology, to help you get the best treatments, with less pain and less hassle.

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