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Dr. S. Chandra Sekhar Reddy

Healthcare is not an option, it’s a need.

Every organ in our body plays a critical role, which is why, whenever there is any discomfort or illness, you must not ignore it, and get it checked immediately. We, at Medisys Hospitals, understand that every time a patient walks in for a consultation or treatment, there is an element of fear in them – of pain, of long-term side effects and finances.

I founded Medisys Hospital to erase fear from the minds of people. What many people refer to as the ‘White Coat’ syndrome or the fear of doctors and Hospitals is what we want to remove from your dictionary. Our doctors are approachable, friendly and more importantly, are considerate towards you. They understand that you are worried and will ensure that you are made to feel comfortable.

At Medisys, we want to be able to make healthcare an experience, and not anything related to fear. With our state-of-the-art technology and highly-skilled doctors and staff, you can leave your illness to us, and be assured that you will get every bit of the compassion and personal attention that you deserve.

If you feel sick, we are there for you. Your health is your priority, and ours too.

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