You do not need an introduction to know how important your heart is. It pumps blood to your body – delivers oxygenated blood and purifies deoxygenated blood. Basically, it keeps you alive.

For those who are born with a healthy heart often forget to acknowledge how blessed they are as compared to the ones with a congenital heart disease. So, on the occasion of World Heart Day, this 29th of September, 2018 we will talk about how to keep your heart healthy.

Let’s get started!

Cholesterol – Your Heart’s Arch Enemy


You must hear all the time how bad cholesterol is for your heart. But what is this cholesterol? Cholesterol is a crystal like micro substance which is present in your body. Some cholesterol comes from foods and drinks you intake. However, not all cholesterols are bad. But the bad cholesterols can sit and settle on your arteries (tube-like structure near heart that carries blood) and narrow down the passage. This, overtime, can become fatal, if left untreated.

Blood Pressure – Is It Running High?

Blood Pleasure

Have you wondered what exactly is under pressure when you have high blood pressure? When you have high bp, your blood pressures against the walls of your veins and arteries, weakening them over time. It also affects the heart as blood gets pumped into heart with more force. This can lead to heart failure and other chronic diseases.

Watch What You Eat

Avoid Alcohol and Smoking

For many people, fast foods are a part of their staple or their normal diet. But that is exactly what is shortening your lifespan. Food made of refined grain, excessive oil, too much sugar are extremely harmful for the health of your heart. When you buy your food, consider checking out the nutrition chart and look for cholesterol, polyunsaturated fat and sugar. The less those things are, the more healthy the food is for your heart. And stay away from packaged food as far as possible.

Stay away from smoking, alcohol, and drug abuse. They can become fatal over time or even suddenly.

Eat For Your Heart

Healthy Diet

All of us has tried some kind of diet to gain a healthy weight, to look beautiful. But have you tried to adopt a diet to keep your heart healthy?

Start with dark chocolate to boost your mood along with your heart’s health. Seafood like tuna, salmon etc. are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid. They are good for your heart’s health. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetable. Nuts and fibre-rich foods help your heart to stay healthy.

World Heart Day is not a formality. It is celebrated worldwide. The constant rise of acquired heart diseases is an indication that it’s high time that we start giving the right nutrition to our hearts and do the best to keep toxins away from it. Let’s start caring for our heart today!

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