Miscarriage – The Signs & Causes

When you realise you are going to be parents, it is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world.

Baby In Womb

But however, many a time, due to various external and internal factors, miscarriages happen. Miscarriages have profound psychological effects on a woman since it is associated with a loss of life.

But nature of miscarriage could be different for different women, as it is not precisely one single problem that causes this, but a chain of events over a period. Statistics suggest that about 50% miscarriages occur due to the woman not knowing about their state of pregnancy.

Different Types of Miscarriages

The number, however, of miscarriages in recognised pregnancies is considerably lower at 15-25%.

There are decidedly fewer chances of a miscarriage to occur after the 20th week of pregnancy and about 80% of all miscarriages happen before that period.

Are there any symptoms of a possible miscarriage?

Symptoms could emerge early on in the pregnancy and could eventually lead to a miscarriage unless enough attention is paid to the same. As mentioned earlier, miscarriages could be the reason for a chain of events and not one reason in particular. Symptoms discussed below should be taken seriously and you should seek immediate medical advice to improve on the condition.

Here are some of the symptoms that could lead to a miscarriage –

Bleeding which is light initially, but progresses to become heavy

  • Light to severe abdominal pain
  • Severe Cramps
  • Progressive fever
  • Bodily weakness
  • Back pain

Abdominal Pain

An unborn baby could have fatal genetic problems that could eventually lead to a miscarriage. These problems are often unrelated to the mother carrying the child. But here are some of the other causes that could lead to a miscarriage.

  • Any infection affecting the fetus
  • Problems with immune system response
  • If the mother has physical problems.
  • Abnormalities with the uterine

The above causes are generic and solely related to the mother, assuming the mother is young and with the right health to deliver a baby. That aside, there are plenty of cases where the mother is over a certain age, which at times could lead to several other problems resulting in a miscarriage. In these cases, the mothers are usually above the age of 35 and have a history of miscarriages. The many miscarriages increase the chances of another one.

Risk Factors leading to a miscarriage

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome, which could lead to ovulation problems, obesity, increased male hormone levels, and increased risk of diabetes.
  • Certain viral or bacterial infections during pregnancy.
  • Any blood-clotting disorder.
  • Problems with the structure of the uterus.
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals or certain, specific medicines.
  • The father’s age is above 35 years.
  • Smoking cigarettes, consumption of alcohol or narcotics like cocaine during pregnancy.
  • Use of heavy caffeine during pregnancy.

Bacterial Infection

But how would one know about the miscarriage?
Bleeding and discomfort are the primary symptoms of a miscarriage. This bleeding will be coupled with fever, chills or pain, upon which you need to contact your concerned doctor immediately.

Is there a chance a woman can get pregnant after a miscarriage?
The chances of women who have a miscarriage of getting pregnant are at a staggering 85%. Miscarriage is not related to a fertility problem, and on the other hand, only 1-2% women may have repeated miscarriages.

Miscarriages can happen to anyone, and it essentially occurs due to various causes. Often, in cases, it’s due to a lack of care, while in several others it’s due to many complicated factors that lead to this mishap. Once the symptoms are noticeable, a visit to the doctor on an immediate basis is essential to avoid further complications.

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