Is There A Connection Between Metabolic Syndrome And Heart Diseases?

Being healthy is everybody’s primary motive. Money and fame can be of no use if your health is not in good shape and thanks to the way most people lead their lives today, lifestyle diseases are not at all uncommon. While one set of people might have hypertension, others have cholesterol and some have diabetes.

But, have you ever wondered if somebody has a bunch of these chronic diseases that slow them down? Imagine having both diabetes and blood pressure – your life would be reduced to dietary restrictions and a nice meal of medicines.

Having many chronic lifestyle diseases is what is known as metabolic syndrome.

What is this cluster of diseases?

Metabolic Disorders

The cluster of diseases like hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood sugar levels is known as metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome, also known as dysmetabolic syndrome or syndrome X, causes insulin resistance in your body, disabling it from being able to digest glucose or let it work as fuel in your blood, it is also majorly linked with obesity and an inactive lifestyle.

Is It really connected to heart diseases?

Well, yes, there is a connection between metabolic syndrome and heart diseases. When you suffer from one of the diseases mentioned in the cluster of diseases associated with metabolic syndrome, say for example, Hypertension, suffering form it alone puts you at the risk of suffering a stroke or an attack. So, just imagine the threat you are faced with, when you have a combination or cluster of diseases that individually hold the potential to lead to a heart condition.

Metabolic syndrome puts you at an increased risk of clotting, high levels of cholesterol and and blood pressure leads to a buildup of plaque in your arteries that could result in a heart condition.

Metabolic Syndrome Vs Heart Diseases

What can be done for it?

The system of medicine focuses at controlling the syndrome and the symptoms the chronic diseases show. Maintaining proper weight, keeping BP, cholesterol and blood sugar levels in check, and regularly working out or exercising could keep the conditions and ultimately the heart disease at bay.

Having one of the conditions doesn’t mean you have metabolic syndrome, it is important to consult with your doctor and talk to them about your health, it is also very important to get your regular check up done, so that the underlying condition, if there is any, could be identified and treated before it did any harm.

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