How Does Alzheimer’s Affect Your Brain?

You are in a hurry to leave to the office, you are on halfway to the parking area that is when you remember that you forgot to take some important office file. You rush back to your room and spread everything out, and stand clueless with files around you.

Forgetfulness is one, but unable to recollect things constantly is another ball game altogether.

There are possibilities that this can, in turn, becomes a disorder that can affect your brain’s functioning.

Sometimes, you might also feel that you are taking a lot of time to process things inside your brain.

This can possibly be an indication that you have Alzheimer’s disease.

Here is the fact sheet about Alzheimer’s disease for your reference.

What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?

It is an irreversible brain disorder that destroys memory and thinking skills. It progressively makes simple tasks difficult for you to carry out.

It is one of the leading cause of dementia among old people.

In this case, the connection between the nerve cells in the brain is disturbed.

What Happens To Your Brain?

Alzheimer’s Disease

The damage in the brain is likely to start a decade or more before you will actually start realizing the problem. Abnormal deposits amyloid plaques and tau tangles are found throughout the brain as a symptom. The hippocampus of the brain is damaged initially which is essential for forming memories. In the final stage of Alzheimer’s disease, the brain tissues shrink significantly.

What Are The Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms?

The symptoms of Alzheimer’s will vary from person to person. Memory problems are the typical signs of cognitive impairment in Alzheimer’s disease.

Some of the people have memory problems called mild cognitive impairment(MCI). The symptoms of MCI do not interfere with the normal life but memory problems are too much when considered to their age. People with MCI will have problems with the sense of smell and locomotion.

The common behavioral symptoms include wandering, anxiety, agitation, sleeplessness, and aggression.

The other symptoms include difficulty in word-finding, distorted vision, impaired reasoning or judgment.

Stages Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Mild Alzheimer Disease

People will experience greater memory loss and cognitive difficulties. Problems people face in this condition include taking longer time in completing daily tasks, personality, and behavior changes.

Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease

The areas that control language, reasoning, sensory processing, and consciousness in the brain is damaged. The conditions of memory loss grow worse that the people will face problems in recognizing their close ones. Multi-tasking and acquisition of new things become really hard for these people. The other symptoms of this stages are hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia.

Severe Alzheimer’s Disease

This is the stage where plaques and tangles spread throughout the brain and the brain tissues shrink. It will be a herculean task for the sufferers to communicate with others, they would be completely dependent on others. The person brain shuts down and will not respond in the near end.

What Causes Alzheimer’s?Alzheimer’s Disease Causes

The actual cause for this condition is yet to be discovered, but researchers believe that some of these can lead to this like:

  • Genetic factors
  • Environmental factors
  • Lifestyle factors

How Can This Be Treated?

Alzheimer’s is a complex condition, it does not have any specific medications to treat it completely. There are medications and treatment which can gradually lower the symptoms of memory loss and maintain mental health.

It also includes therapies for behavior management.

The scientist is working on to treat the causes than treating the symptoms. Those treatments include immunization therapy, drug therapies, cognitive training, physical activity, and treatments for heart diseases and diabetes.

The best treatment for a person with Alzheimer’s disease is giving them emotional support. Family members and their related people are the ones who can give them a lot of support and care. So it is important for the caregivers to know about the ways to deal with the people.

Everything starts at home so does the cure for Alzheimer’s also because it needs full-time assistance.

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