Here Are The Common Ways To Prevent Epilepsy Seizures

Epilepsy is a common disorder among people across the globe. Close to 50 million people are affected by it, and as the many doctors till now have suggested, they have no clue what exactly causes epilepsy in nearly half that number.

The causes of Epilepsy in the other 25 million is however still not apparent but could be attributed to an electric flaw or a defect in the brain’s structure itself.

 Causes of Epilepsy

Epilepsy seizures among people are also related to a stroke, head injury or a tumour, but as mentioned before, the real or exact causes of the seizures are mostly unknown. Doctors usually rely on extensive research on the subject and prescribe ways in which the patient could typically avoid the extent of those seizures or manage it the most, but a clear-cut solution preventing them is yet to be discovered.

What can trigger epilepsy seizures?

 Trigger Epilepsy Seizures

Numerous factors related to a patient’s daily life could hold the triggers to an epilepsy seizure. Here are some typical behaviours related to personalities and lifestyle listed below that could cause epilepsy seizures.

– Emotional issues, stress or anxiety
– Sleep deprivation, tiredness, uneven or significant changes in sleep schedules.
– Skipping any anti-seizure medicines or even drastic changes in medications
– Alcohol or drug use
– Extended exposure to screens, computers, TV etc. or anything that could overstimulate a person’s senses.
– Pregnancy, menstrual cycles or any hormonal changes in women
– People who solve complex problems thus causing mental strain

Solving Epilepsy Seizures with Medication

Medication for epilepsy seizure is mostly to manage them rather than cure the problem. Controlling with medication even gives the doctors idea on the patient’s reception as well as understanding the problem better. Doctors usually prescribe Anticonvulsant drugs. Apart from medicines, Doctors also prescribe diets which are low in carbohydrates and high in fats. For instance, a ketogenic diet could suit in managing epilepsy seizures in a person.

Prevention tips for Epilepsy Seizures

– Avoiding drugs and alcohol as much as possible
– Reducing exposure to television or computers, thus straining the eyes and senses lesser.
– Avoiding video games, which could increase the mental strain
– Setting a sleep schedule and sleeping adequately
– Avoiding bright lights, flashes or any other form of visual stimuli
– Maintaining a healthy diet
– Taking all medications prescribed by the doctor, and avoid skipping anti-seizure drugs

Prevention Tips for Epilepsy Seizures

The best a patient can do to get away from epilepsy seizures is to take the necessary precautions that prevent it from happening frequently. Epilepsy seizures are unavoidable but could surely be controlled.

Doctors across the globe are still figuring ways to understand the problem, and all they can do now is prescribe preventive measures as well as offer medication that could help prevent it having severe effects on the patient. A patient who follows all the above instruction well would be able to postpone the next seizure, as well as understanding why those seizures happen so frequently by understanding their lifestyle patterns.


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