Epilepsy Counselling: The Need

To have somebody to confide in, lean on and draw strength from, works like a therapy for those who suffer from epilepsy. It can be heartbreaking to see someone so dear to you, suffer from something they have no control over, and fighting it with all they have to lead a life that can get as close as possible, to NORMAL.

For the world, Epilepsy is a disease and people with epilepsy are those who can unpredictably just lose their state of awareness or get a fit of seizures. That is all to it.

But, That is not all to it.

Epilepsy is not a disease, it is a disorder and people suffering from epilepsy don’t just deal with epilepsy, but they also deal with the baggage of psychological stress that the condition brings with it. They deal with loneliness and the fear of being judged, with no fault of theirs.

Hence, this is an effort to let those who suffer from it, know that they are not alone and to educate those, who don’t understand how it impacts lives of people who suffer from it.

So, let’s begin by understanding what epilepsy actually is.

Epilepsy is a group of central nervous system or neurological disorders caused due to abnormal brain activity. If you suffer from more than two epileptic seizures, you are said to suffer from epilepsy.

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What is the abnormal brain activity?

What is Epilepsy

The abnormal activity of the brain is a brief, excessive and abnormal discharge of nerve cells in the brain, something like a small electrical storm in the brain resulting in seizures, unusual behavior, loss of awareness and sometimes combinations of the signs that last for a few seconds to a few minutes.

What are the symptoms of Epilepsy?

The signs and symptoms of getting an epileptic seizure include,

Epilepsy Symptoms

  • Confusion
  • A staring spell
  • Uncontrollable jerking movements of the arms and legs
  • Loss of consciousness or awareness
  • Fear, anxiety or deja vu

What are the trigger factors of Epilepsy?

One of the main trigger factors of epilepsy is stress. Being in a stressful situation, can lead to an epileptic seizure. Stress of any kind, in a person’s interpersonal relationships, at work, or in any situation where they are pressurized or forced, can cause a seizure.

How does epilepsy affect you psychologically?

Let us begin with imagining this, you are in a public place, and someone suffered a fit of seizures when they were all by themselves there, the person falls down, and everybody’s either busy making an opinion about the person or perplexed about what to do. Majority would resist offering a helping hand because of their own preconceived ideas and reservations.

It might appear so heartless and unempathetic. But people do go through such experiences.

When we say that epilepsy has a psychological impact, we mean that the person suffers more because of the people around them, than from the disorder.

Epilepsy cannot stop you from attaining education, studying in a regular school, it cannot stop you from chasing your dream job or getting married and leading a normal life.

When epilepsy starts coming in the way of all these areas that can be managed with a little care, compassion and consideration, it starts affecting you psychologically.

One is bound to feel lonely, unwanted, dejected, anxious and depressed, to the extent that they start avoiding meeting people and dislike them or avoid them for the fear of being unaccepted and judged for their condition.


What can be done to be more of help?

Medisys encourages you to be supportive and encouraging towards the person suffering from epilepsy. Acceptance and inclusion can work as therapy for them, and help them manage and recover from their condition in a healthy environment. If you are suffering from epilepsy, we wish to extend a hand of help and encouragement towards you, to help you recover.

It is advisable to lead a stress-free life and be careful wherever you go. It is also advisable to have company at most times. Be around people you trust and can rely on, who understand you and can be of help in untoward circumstances.

We, at Medisys, encourage you to lead a life as happy and healthy as possible. We also wish for you to know that we have your back if you reach out to us.

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