Early Signs of Alzheimer’s


‘I know what I want to say, I just cannot remember the words for it’.

Forgetfulness is one of the most common human instinct. We grab immense amount of information everyday which is stored in a particular part of the brain. The Frontal Lobe of the brain to be precise.

As the age of the person increases, the ability of remembering decreases and ‘art’ of forgetting increases to a great extent. Your grandparents or great grandparents would tell you how age has affected their memory and ability to remember.

Now, even though forgetfulness is normal, it might be serious later on. People at the age of 20 and people at the age of 70 forget phone numbers, names and so on which is perfectly normal but what if, this forgetfulness and memory issues affected the daily life and happened every day to someone?

It is not normal then. It eventually leads to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Alzheimer’s Disease - Brain Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive condition which destroys memory and other mental conditions which are important to the functioning of the body on a daily basis.

Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease:

If looked at closely, many of our day-to-day activities, the things we do on an everyday basis can actually be a sign of Alzheimer’s.

The most basic of things are like forgetting a name, troubling in chalking out a plan, losing things, misjudgment and so on. All of these are considered very normal in our daily lives as it is seldom possible to get everything right all the time, right?.

There are quite a few signs which may indicate Alzheimer’s disease. Some of them are:

 Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Memory Loss: This sign of Alzheimer’s is one of the most defining signs of the disease. If you or someone you know frequently forgets names, dates, what they have eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner on the same day or even if they ask the same question over and over, it usually most often indicates as an early sign of Alzheimer’s.

Problem Solving and Trouble in Planning
: Imagine this. You have just explained the recipe of your favourite dish to someone but just after five minutes they ask you the same recipe again and it goes on for quite some time. This is again a classic early sign of Alzheimer’s. People often also have difficulty in concentrating on a particular task. Another sign of Alzheimer’s under this, is the inability to perform tasks involving numbers.

Trouble in Performing Daily Tasks: What are the most usual daily tasks we perform? Brushing, Taking a bath, Driving and so on, right?. But what if someone forgets doing these all of a sudden or forgets the location where they drive to on a daily basis. The trouble of performing daily tasks is another sign of Alzheimer’s.

Confusion in Time and Places: Many of you often have some sort of confusion between time, date and places, right? Do not worry, that doesn’t mean you have Alzheimer’s even though this is an early sign of Alzheimer’s. People who often forget where they are or they feel disoriented often? They might have Alzheimer’s.

Changes in Vision: Short sighted? Far sighted?. This along with trouble in visualising colours and not being able to differentiate between them is also a sign of Alzheimer’s.

Loss of Vocabulary and Frustrating Conversations: This is perhaps the most influential sign of Alzheimer’s. Why you might ask? Words influence you and everyone around you. What if suddenly someone loses the words they’ve learnt all their lives? It becomes frustrating. Conversations cannot happen and which eventually leads to frustration. Not able to talk and keeping everything inside or not able to communicate leads to an eventual depression which is why in a recent surgery around 40% of Alzheimer’s patients is said to suffer from Depression.

Losing Things: You all must have lost something at some point of time in life. Whether it is a watch or maybe a book, right? But something most people do is retrace the steps to remember where the book or the watch was last seen or kept. When someone is not able to retrace their steps and they put things in unusual places, it is yet another sign of Alzheimer’s. A watch in fridge? Yes. Unusual is the world.

Lapse in Judgement: You all are human beings. We are all flawed in one way or the other which means somewhere along the line we have had a lapse in judgement. But making continuous wrong decisions, like wearing clothes for a different kind of weather, not showering, making mistakes with money. Yes, yet another sign of Alzheimer’s.

The journey of a person from normality to showing the early signs of Alzheimer’s and ultimately Alzheimer’s is a sad one. It is treatable to some extent with extensive care, antidepressants and so on but when one person loses their own self and become someone you would have never imagined? That’s devastating. So, look out for these symptoms and signs of Alzheimer’s and get them to us at Medisys, to our neurologists. Human beings are too precious to be lost.

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