Back Pain: Types, Symptoms and Basic Treatments

Back pain is one of the most commonly heard, and it could happen to everyone at some stage in their lives. This pain could be a result of multiple factors and could last for either a temporary phase, while several problems tend to last a lifetime or at least for the longest of time. But back pain is not something one inherits or gets it out of the blue; in fact, it is a cumulative result of various factors that have been affecting the person in different ways.

Back pain does not happen in one part of the back; instead different parts of the back portion of a person’s body experiences pain owing to many factors. For instance, the upper, middle and lower pain is caused mostly due to mechanical factors. These factors include muscles or ligament tear or disc-rupture which is usually caused due to always having a bad posture or trauma. On the other hand, there are age-related factors that cause back pain, affecting the overall structure of the backbone. These include conditions like osteoporosis.

Back Pain

Understanding the types of back pain.

Back pain could be further be categorised based on the duration and intensity of the illness a person suffers from. For instance, the back pain issue could be termed acute in the case it lasts anything from one month to three months since it first started. Back pain has characteristics to go away on its own and randomly come back again.

Then the other most crucial kind of back pain is the chronic one. Again, this is categorised based on the duration of the pain in the person. It is usually considered chronic if the pain remains constant for more than three months. This is when doctors recommend further treatment for the patient to solve the back pain.

When is it time to visit the doctor?

Most of us avoid a visit to the doctor for our little complaints. Although it is a good thing, as it helps us keep an understanding of our health in a better way. Since back pain’s nature is such that the symptoms of a severe condition only appears very late in the day, it is recommended patients run checks by their doctor on possible future problems with their back if they continuously face with the problem.

For instance, patients with back pain as well as fever, loss of reflex, bowel control or weight loss should waste no time in visiting the doctor.

Severe Back Pain Treatment

Back PainTreatment – 

Back pain concerning the type the person might be suffering from determines the appropriate therapies that could help patients deal with the problem. Doctors might want to start with conservative methods like pain medication, chiropractic care and physical therapy. Even with these when the chronic pain refuses to subside or show no signs of improvement otherwise, doctors will recommend more advanced methods to try and solve the problem.

The advanced methods include minimally invasive surgeries and with doctors highly effective in dealing with problems like this could be able to solve them for the patients. These are usually done after thorough diagnosis of the problem and using technological help like an MRI scan to determine the cause of the problem.

Back pain is a result of a multiple factors, physical as well as that of stress. Everyone more or less experiences back pain at one stage in their lives. The treatment for the same depends on if the pain is an acute one or of the chronic nature.

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