Autologous Serum Skin Therapy

Many people suffer from a skin problem which tends to become itchy red, known mainly as Urticaria. The problem is commonly caused by an allergic reaction to specific food items or medications. While it is understood that about 20% of people suffer from Urticaria, the problems usually go away quickly.

However, some people face a recurrence effect of the problem. In that case, or if the original symptoms are to last for more than six weeks from the time of diagnosis, then it’s termed as chronic urticaria.

While chronic urticaria is ordinary in people between 20 to 40 years of age, the chances of someone suffering from the persistent version of urticaria are less than one percent.

Urticaria Causes

Like many other complicated diseases, doctors worldwide are not able to pencil in a single cause for the chronic urticaria; although they have found links for the condition related to much more significant problems with thyroid disease, hormonal problems, and cancer.

Itchy Skin

Common Trigger points for Urticaria –

With the main reason for the cause still mostly unknown, doctors do link the problem with some aspects that could trigger the problem, like –

  • Tight clothing
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Cold
  • Heat
  • Exercises

Urticaria Treatment 

Doctors have formulated many types of treatments for Chronic Urticaria. Among the others, there is one specific treatment known as Autologous Serum Therapy which is known to work well. Autologous Serum Therapy is done using weekly serum injections, which helps in reducing the prolonged remission of this disease from the patient’s skin.

Autologous Serum Therapy

The Urticaria Treatment Procedure

At the beginning of this treatment, an investigative test is conducted, known as the Autologous Serum Skin test (ASST). The essential need for this test is to detect circulating autoantibodies which usually indicate an autoimmune origin with some patients for chronic urticaria. There are two outcomes for this test, either the doctors will conclude the cause of chronic urticaria due to, or if it comes out as negative, then the chronic urticaria is considered idiopathic, meaning no specific reason could be found for the same.

Autologous serum is not only used in chronic urticaria but also in many autoimmune diseases and has proven to be a good measure for many patients over time. The serum consists of tolerance-generating anti-idiotype antibodies that master degranulating cell antigens, which is helpful in preventing disease remission in many autoimmune diseases including chronic urticaria.

Ideally, once this serum gets prepared, the patient, suffering from a chronic urticaria problem needs to visit for at least the next eight weeks from the first visit.


Many medical centres across the globe have conducted research based on the autologous serum skin therapy, which has so far yielded results that could be termed satisfactory. Results have this given doctors hope of recommending the autologous serum skin therapy for more and more autoimmune diseases, especially for chronic urticaria.

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