Why are most people scared of surgeries? The pain. Thanks to developments in the field of medicine, surgeries are painless, at least during the surgery itself. So, what is this thing that prevents you from feeling a pinch even when you are undergoing a major surgery? Anesthesia.

Anesthesia Department

At Medisys Hospitals, we are deeply committed to help you experience less pain before and during your surgery, and also during your post-operative rehabilitation period. We trust our skilled anesthesiologists to help us make you feel comfortable throughout your surgery.

What is anaesthesiology?

Anaesthesiology is branch of medicine that allows safe usage of medical sedative drugs to induce a state of total or partial lack of sensation to the your body during surgical procedures, so that the surgery can be carried out smoothly, without causing you any pain or inconvenience. The anesthesiologists will access you and your body conditions to understand the types and dosage.

Types of anaesthesia

What type of anaesthesia will be given usually depends on the nature and the duration of the surgery, your general medical condition and preference, as analysed by anesthesiologists. Here we have a brief about the main types of anaesthesia our anesthesiologists provide.

  • General anaesthesia – You will be in an unconscious state for the entire duration of the surgery. While you are unaware of the happening around you, your anesthesiologist constantly monitors your condition, and adjusts the level of anaesthesia accordingly during the entire surgery. Your anesthesiologist will guide you through the procedure before giving you anaesthesia.
  • Regional anaesthesia – The anesthesiologist will sedate the nerves of the area where you will be operated, avoiding the need for a general anaesthesia.
  • Local anaesthesia – The anesthesiologist will administer the local anaesthesia exactly at the surgery site which induces numbness. You will be awake without feeling any sensation or pain in the area you’re being operated.
  • Sedation – It is also known as “Intravenous sedation or twilight sleep”. The anesthesiologists mostly administer it to make you feel relaxed and drowsy during cosmetic or less painful procedures.

Anesthesia Department – Medisys Hospitals

The Anesthesia Department at Medisys Hospitals uses the modern, safe and patient-focused procedures in delivering anaesthetic care. Our team of highly experienced anesthesiologists are among the top anesthesiologists in Hyderabad. Our anesthesiologists aim is to provide supreme quality patient care not only in surgical procedures but also beyond it. Our anesthesiologists check your vitals and analyse what kind of anaesthesia will be best suited and how much dose needs to be given for the procedure to be performed smoothly.

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