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A premium healthcare provider focussed to deliver high standards of medical assistance.

Why Medisys

Medisys Hospitals is a growing superspeciality hospital in Hyderabad that represents the vision and mission of a group of highly qualified and experienced veteran medical professionals. Started in June 2016, it is a 200-bedded hospital with all medical and surgical specialities available. We rely on our in-house state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities to provide high level care for our patients.

Centre of excellence

  • Nephrology & Urology

    The Department of Nephrology and Urology at Medisys Hospitals is equipped with cutting edge technology which aids in improving the patientโ€™s health. We, at Medisys Hospitals, are dedicated to offering high standards of diagnostic and surgical services for all genitourinary disorders.

  • The Cardiac Program at Cardiology department of Medisys Hospital collaborates with excellent patient care, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly skilled specialists to significantly improve the functioning of the heart, and offers exceptional diagnostics, and treatment procedures at reasonable costs.

  • The Neurology Department deals with the clinical study and diagnosis of the problems of the brain. The diagnosis of tumours, clots, bleeding etc. in the brain are done through certain diagnostic tests and scans that the department of neurology prescribes.

  • At Medisys Hospitals, offer a wide range of specialised treatments and surgical options for joint replacement surgery and other orthopaedic problems. The Orthopedics department at Medisys Hospitals has some of the finest orthopedic specialists in Hyderabad who specialise in different types of joint replacement surgery.

Our Specialities

Medisys Hospitals is a 200+ bed, multispeciality hospital with the latest state-of-art technology & equipment. The Hospital is renowned for its quality care to many diseases in a patient-friendly environment. We always focus on clinical excellence, patientsโ€™ safety, and accessibility of quality care for affordable prices to every patient.

Since the inception, Medisys hospitals have been providing world-class treatment and high-end facilities to all patients with empathy, teamwork, clarity and a process-oriented approach. By drawing in the best healthcare services across the world we employ the best Cardiologists, Physicians, Neurologists, Orthopedicians, Nephrologists etc., from India and abroad. Medisys Hospitals Hyderabad holds the most prestigious NABH accreditation from the National Board of Quality Council for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers in India.

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Top Speciality

Innovative Approach

Lung Replacement


Every doctor at Medisys Hospitals is highly qualified and experienced in handling a wide range of health problems.

Doctors take care of a patient right from diagnosis to treating illness or injury, prescribe medications, counselling patients and their family members and keep an eye on patient recovery.

  • Dr. K Chenchi Reddy

    Dr. K Chenchi Reddy

    Diabetes & Endocrinology

    Dr. K Chenchi Reddy is one of the best endocrinologist, with an experience of 11 years

  • Dr Teja

    Dr Teja Vadlamani


    Dr. Teja is one of the best Neurosurgeon, with an experience of 2 years

  • Dr Shiva Prasad

    Dr Shiva Prasad Jagini

    General Medicine

    Dr. Shiva Prasad Jagini is one of the Best General Physician, with an experience of 12 years

  • Dr Avinash

    Dr Avinash Kumar Addoju

    General and Laparoscopic Surgery, Neurology

    Dr. Avinash Kumar is one of the Best Neurologist, with an experience of 4 years

  • Dr Prahalad Reddy

    Dr Prahalada Reddy

    General and Laparoscopic Surgery

    Dr. Prahalada Reddy is one of the Best General and Laparoscopic Surgeon, with an experience of 7 years

  • Dr Santosh

    Dr Gattu Santosh

    Diabetes & Endocrinology

    Dr. Gattu Santosh is one of the Best Diabetologist in Hyderabad

  • Medisys Doctor

    Dr Mallesh Rathod


    Dr. Mallesh Rathod is one of the Best Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon in Hyderabad

  • Medisys Doctor

    Dr Leela Krishna


    Dr. Leela Krishna is one of the Best Cardiologist, with an experience of 4 years

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Patient Testimonials

Letโ€™s hear the quality of services we offer from the words of our patients and their family members.

Medisys is one of the Best Hospital

  • One of the best Hospitals in Hyderabad. Doctors are very well experienced and the staff are also very helpful during the course of treatment. The cost of treatment is also decent.


    Shravan Kumar

  • It is very feel good experience. Doctors are very nice and helpful in explaining how to take the medicine prescribed.

    Photo (1)

    Vara Lakshmi

  • Very responsible doctors and staff

    Photo (2)

    Swapnapriya Gade

  • Very caring Hospital in Hyderabad

    Photo (3)

    Mounika Reddy Malireddy

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